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Your eyes are sharp as they are beautiful!

Moses to Sephora

Biographical information
Title Shepherd girl of Midian
Gender Female
Parents Jethro
Spouse(s) Moses
Children Gershom
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Ten Commandments (1956)
Portrayed by Yvonne De Carlo

Sephora was a Midianite shepherd girl and the eldest daughter of Jethro, shiekh of Midian.[1] She was the second wife of Moses, and the mother of Gershom.[2][3] She was also a fervent believer of the God of Abraham, known to her people as "He who has no name."[4]

After many days, Moses is granted a selection of Jethro daughters for wife, he is distraught of his ruptured love with Nefretiri, but tends to find love and comfort from Sephora, who replies, "I could never fill all of it [Moses' heart] Moses, but I will not be jealous of a memory."

After five years, they bear Gershom and live a tranquil life on the slopes of Mount Sinai herding sheep. Sephora's sharp-eyes catch Joshua on the slopes who is brought down by Moses. Moses travels to the summit of Sinai after he sees a strange distant light on the mount. Moses comes down with the revalation of God to deliver his people, and with white streaks in his hair. Sephora quotes in astonishment, "Moses, your hair... your sandles."

After this Sephora, Moses, Gershom, and Joshua journey to Egypt to deliver the Hebrew people. During Sephora's short stay in Egypt, she confronts Nefretiri, who in an act of apparent generosity, sends Gershom and her back in a camel caravan to Midian.


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