Rameses II's son
Per-Rameses, Lower Egypt
Rameses I (great-grandfather)
Sitre (great-grandmother)
Sethi I (grandfather)
Tuya (grandmother)
Bithiah (great-aunt)
Rameses II (father)
Nefretiri (mother)

Pharaoh Rameses II and Queen Nefretiri's first-born son was a crown prince, he was the grandson of Pharaoh Sethi I and the great-grandson of Pharaoh Rameses I (his father's namesake).

Upon the return of Moses, a former prince, to the Kingdom of Egypt; Rameses II's son was present at the royal court. Afterwards Moses had turned his staff into a snake, Rameses II's son mockingly kicked his staff and then stood at the side of his father.

Later, Rameses II's son is seen when Nefretiri teases Rameses II into not freeing the slaves, so that Moses can stay longer in Egypt. That night, Rameses decrees an unsuccessful order for the annhiliation of the Hebrew first-borns, and Nefretiri rushes to Goshen to warn Moses. It is in Moses' mud-brick dwelling, where Nefretiri learns the news that the Egyptian first-borns will actually die, when the Angel of Death passes through midnight. Nefretiri is seen back home where she attends to her ailing son. Rameses II sees his son alive for the last time, and then summons Moses and grants their Hebrews' freedom.