Menpehtyra Rameses I,[1] known as Rameses I, was the founding Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt's Nineteenth Dynasty, succeeding the childless Pharaoh Horemheb. He was the father of Sethi I and Bithiah, grandfather and namesake of Rameses II, adoptive-grandfather of Moses, and great-grandfather of Rameses II's son. In the beginning he is shown talking to his chief priests and scribes about the prophecy of a deliverer. He then sends his soldiers to kill the newborn Hebrew male children to prevent the prophecy of coming true

However one Hebrew mother saves her baby by setting it adrift in a basket. The child is later found by Bithiah Rameses own daughter and adopted as her son and named Moses. To keep people from knowing that Moses was actually Hebrew Bithiah tells her father and brother that the baby was sent from the Nile God.

Rameses is presumed dead a little later in the movie as his son Sethi is pharaoh durning Moses adult life.


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