Nefretiri barge

Nefretiri with Moses on the barge in Lower Egypt.

Nefretiri's Barge is an improper name given to a sailing barge afloat on the Nile River belonging to Nefretiri on which she summoned Moses to on two occasions.

The barge floated on the banks of the Nile, in close proximity to Goshen in Lower Egypt. It required several oarsmen to make it sail, and the princess had female musicians on a separate chamber divided by a curtain.

The first occasion in which Nefretiri summoned Moses to the barge was when he had chosen to become a slave and she was trying to persuade him to return to the court of Sethi I. There, Moses makes the promise to her that he will return to the court after making a call to Pharaoh's master-builder Baka.

The second occasion in which Nefretiri summoned Moses to the barge was when he returned to Egypt after his exile and was now a prophet of God, and she tried unsuccessfully to revive their past love for each other. Moses tells her that he is a changed man, and that he is not the same one who once loved her. He also asserts that he is bound to a God, a people, and his shepherd girl wife Sephora. Nefretiri scorns him in disbelief of his new love, to which she compares her materialistic beauty to her exaggerated assumptions of Sephora's appearance. Moses replies to her by complimenting Sephora's spiritual beauty, and telling Nefretiri that she will never understand the "beauty of the spirit".

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