You are God's torch, that lights the way to freedom!

Sephora to Moses



c. 1393 BCE
Goshen, Egypt
c. 1273 BCE
Mount Nebo, Moab
Tribe: Levi
The Deliverer of Israel
Tharbis (c. 1361)
Sephora (c. 1362–1273; his death)

Moses ben Amram, (translated as "Moses son of Amram") fomerly known as Prince Moses, Commander of the Southern Host, was a crown prince of Upper and Lower Egypt, shepherd of Midian, and ultimately the Hebrew leader and lawgiver notable for delivering his people out of their bondage in Egypt to Mount Sinai, where he received the Ten Commandments from God upon the mountain's summit. Prior from escaping to Midian, he was a crown prince of Egypt and the favor of Pharaoh Sethi I. When he knew his true heritage, which was kept from him by his adoptive mother Bithiah, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daugher and saw the affliction of his people in slavery. He then murdered Baka, an Egyptian master-builder, in order to save Joshua from his wrath. When Rameses II learned this from Dathan, he brought Moses unto the shadow of Sethi's justice, who order him to be exiled from Egypt. Finding refuge in Midian, and in the house of Jethro the shiekh of Midian, he became the shepherd of Jethro's flocks and the husband of his eldest daughter Sephora. After some time, Moses was attracted by the burning bush, onto which God called unto him and ordered him to go back to Egypt and deliver the Hebrews away from bondage.

Early LifeEdit

Moses was born to Amram and Yochabel, Hebrew slaves in the land of Goshen. When he was born, The pharaoh Rameses I was afraid that a prophecy of a deliverer would free the Hebrews and destroy Egypt. He ordered his subjects to kill all the newborn Hebrew male children in order to prevent the prophecy from coming true. Yochabel saved her newborn son by setting him adrift in a basket on the Nile in hopes he would escape death.

Miriam his sister followed the basket to make sure he would be safe. The basket floated to Pharaoh's palace where Bithiah Pharaoh's daughter was bathing with her handmaids. Bithiah found the basket and discovered the baby. Memnet Bithiah's servant finds the Levite cloth and tells Bithiah the child she found was Hebrew. But Bithiah having been a childless widow believes the child was sent from her dead husband. Bithiah adopts the baby before forcing Memnet to keep the secret that the boy was Hebrew and threatens her with death if she exposes it. Memnet agrees

Bithiah names the baby Moses meaning drawn out because she drew him out of the water. At that time Miriam appeared and suggested a nurse for the child. She brought her own mother Yochabel to nurse Moses. Meanwhile Bithiah showed her father and brother Sethi I the baby. Moses grew up a Prince of Egypt.

Life as crown princeEdit

Moses grew up in Pharaoh Sethi's palace as Rameses I died when Moses was a child. He was a very wise general and made peace with the Ethopians when he invaded their country. His love was Neferteri the thone princess and he was a rival toward Sethi's son Rameses II. One day he helped an old Hebrew woman who was caught between two stones. Moses created a city. Sethi was so pleased of Moses that Moses would have been heir to the throne.

But It all changed when Memnet revealed to Neferteri that Moses was actually Hebrew. She explains how when Bithiah found the child. Memnet sensed the child found was the son of Hebrew slaves. Bithiah had defined her father by taking in Moses. Memnet also revealed that she knew Yochebel was the real mother as the child began to nurse. Neferteri angered at Memnet kills her by pushing her out the the window.

Moses finds out and confronts Bithiah. She refuses to tell Moses the truth. Moses then goes to Yochabel's house who confirms it. Moses believing he is just himself gives up his palace life and works as a slave.

Assassination of Baca and exileEdit

Life as a slave was hard. One day Joshua a young stone builder tried to save a water girl from the hands of Baka a evil slave master, Moses looses his temper and he kills Baka by strangling him. Dathan overhears Moses being praised by Joshua as the deliverer. He goes and tells Rameses II who has Moses arrested and trialed. Sethi heartbroken begs Moses to deny but Moses refuses Sethi has Rameses the next pharaoh and gives Nefeteri to Rameses as his wife. Rameses banishes Moses to the desert. Moses travels at night and ends up in Midian, He saves some girls from shepherds and waters their flock. Jetro marries Moses his daughter Seporah.

Seporah gave birth to a son that they named Gershom for it meant a stranger in strange land. In Midian Moses raised sheep. Meanwhile in Egypt Sethi dies and Rameses becomes pharaoh. He marries Neferteri and has a son. Joshua a former slave escapes Egypt and searches for Moses. He ends up in Midian where he is found by Seporah He embrases Moses and tells him that Rameses is a cruel pharaoh.

Call of Moses, and his return to EgyptEdit

Moses is called by God to free the Hebrews. So Moses, Joshua and Seporah leave to Egypt. There they meet Aaron Moses brother and Miriam Moses sister who had saved his life as a baby. Moses goes before pharaoh demanding Rameses to let the Hebrews go. Rameses mocks Moses. Neferteri begs Moses to marry her but Moses shows his wife to her. Rameses refuses to let the Hebrews go.

The Ten Plagues and the escape from EgyptEdit

Moses first turns the Nile water into blood when that doesn't work He stricks Egypt with ten plagues. The tenth plague kills Rameses firstborn son as well as the firstborn children of the Egyptians. Bithiah who was on house arrest is released and sent to Moses. Bithiah is embraced by Moses. When they leave Egypt Nefeteri mocks Rameses on the death of their child and demands that he goes after Moses.

Rameses and his army pursuit but the Red Sea let's the Hebrews pass only to swallow Rameses and his army like a shark. Rameses dies It is assumed Neferteri grieves for her husband and later dies from a broken heart. Joshua marries Lilia the water girl and has a baby boy. The Hebrews are free until Dathan creats a golden calf statue which Moses dstroys and causes the ground to open killing some Hebrews among them is Dathan.