You have a rat's ears and a ferret's nose!

—―Rameses II to Dathan

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Dathan was a chief Hebrew-overseer, and later Governor of Goshen as appointed by Rameses II before his reign. When a slave, he was a confidant and assistant of Baka, Pharaoh Sethi I's master builder. After Baka's death, Dathan overhears Joshua, who firmly believes that Moses is the deliverer. When Rameses investigates Baka's death, Dathan is willing to tell him who is the deliverer, only if Rameses grants him his freedom, the water-girl Lilia, Baka's house, and all that he asks. Rameses does pay his price, and Dathan inherits all of Baka's belongings.

Early lifeEdit

Dathan is described in the Bible as being the son of Eliab and the brother of Abiram. Dathan is from the Tribe of Reuben. He was probably born somewhere in Goshen.

Life in EgyptEdit

His convincing, ambitious personality is what is thought that made him be hired as an overseer instead of being a slave. He is never depicted to be married, but is insinuated to be the husband of Lilia. Dathan eavesdrops on Joshua who is convinced that Moses is the deliverer.